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Huayu Lighthouse

Huayu Lighthouse

Huayu Lighthouse is situated on the hilltop of Huayu in Wangan Township, Penghu County, and it is the main landmark around Huayu. Wangan Township is an offshore island township, formed by the Bajhao Islands, including Wangandao, Jiangjyunaoyu, Huayu, Dongjiyu, Sijiyu, Dongyuping, Siyuping and Qi meiyu. Among which, Huayu is shaped like a triangle, the highest point measuring 53m; since it is flourished with flowers and grass, a rare beautiful sight in Penghu, it was named "Huayu " (Hua meaning flower).

Huayu Lighthouse has also enjoyed the name of  "Light of Huayu ", and is the main landmark of Huayu, built by the Japanese for military purpose. The tower itself is circular RC structure, painted white, and 12.5m in height. Since Huayu is situated at the west end of Penghu islands, approximately 119.18 on the east longitude, sunset arrives 20 seconds later than on the Taiwan mainland, making this the lighthouse to see the latest sunset in Taiwan.