Magong City Historic Sites

Magong City Historic Sites

Magong City Historic Sites(Walking Tour Estimation

Magong ➜ Penghu Tianhou Temple ➜ Wanjun Well and Shigong Temple ➜ Four-Eyes Well ➜ ShunCheng Gate ➜ Military Housing Culture Area ➜ Guanyinting Recreation Area ➜ Return

The story of Magong begins at Tianhou Temple, a stele situated at the back portrays its history for “general of Ming Dynasty, Sheng You-Rong asks Dutchmen Wei Ma-Lang to leave”. Wanjun Well and Shigong Temple witnessed the great sea battle of the Ming and Qing dynasty, while the fish in the Four-Eyed Well at Zhongyang Streets speak of the Well’s importance back in the day. The ShunCheng Gate near Magong port extends to the ancient city wall near the ShiYing Scenery Memorial Archway and is the last defensive city wall to be built by China. Outside the city wall, the Military Housing Culture Area is the place where legendary singers like Pan An-Bang and Chang Yu-sheng once played as children. Guanyinting is also a great location to enjoy beautiful sunsets and spectacular fireworks. These are all the wonderful things you will find at Magong!

  • Food Recommendations: Chinese Herb Eggs/Steamed Ba-Wan (Meatball Dumpling)/Double Layer Roll Sausage/BBQ/Lemon Juice/Pan-Fried Green Onion Pancakes/Brown Sugar Cake/Salted Crackers/Fried Rice Cake
  • Walking Tour Estimation 2-3 hours