Downtown Night Tour

Downtown Night Tour

Downtown Night Tour(Time Estimation 2-3 hours)

Watch Sunset at Guanyinting ➜ Star of Gaillardia Island ➜ Fisherman's Wharf ➜ Shopping at Zhongyang Old Streets, Snacks and Delicacies, Souvenirs ➜ Enjoy Deep Conversation, Wave Watching and Sea Breeze at Guanyinting

One of the beautiful sentences describing the eight renowned views of Penghu mentioned the sight of Siyu’s magnificent sunset being reflected in the waters. In addition, Guanyinting is chosen as the best location to enjoy this view. After seeing the sunset, snacks and delicacies await and feeling the soft sea breeze will only make you want to sit back and relax.


  • Food Recommendations: Lemon Juice/Marinate Food/Grass Jelly Ice/Brown Sugar Ice/Fried Rice Cake/Pan-Fried Green Onion Pancakes/X-O Sauce/Brown Sugar Cake/Salted Crackers.
  • Time Estimation 2-3 hours)