Typical Example of Single-Surname Village:Syu Village

Typical Example of Single-Surname Village:Syu Village

When you arrive at Syu Village, you must not miss the unique architectural style presented here; Syu Village No. 26, a mixture of Chinese and Western style architecture, the historical house has two stories, unlike traditional one-story residential building; the ground floor door header and windowsill decorations are completed with the traditional Chinese character for "longevity" built into the window and self-painted tiles. This clearly shows the change of local architectural style.


Syu Village No. 29 is a rare government building style, with swallowtail ridge and façade decoration blended with temple decoration styles, very glamorous and outstanding. The use of "shells and corals" for wall art deco in the square in front of temple is also a special view in Syu Village. It would be extremely worthwhile to record the lively and vivid atmosphere of life in Syu Village for savoring later on.

Shagang Scholar Chen's Historical House

When you enter Shagang Village, you will find many traditional residential houses, and the most famous of all is the "Scholar Chen's Historical House". The Chen Family once passed the scholar's exam for three consecutive generations, truly the most well-known literary family in Shagang Village; however, the elegant Chen Family was also seized off all their properties due to their reputation and scholar background, just so they would not be able to influence others; many cultural relics of this family were thus lost.