Shueisian Temple

Shueisian Temple

The Shueisian Temple is built close to the sea, one of the four oldest temples in Penghu. It worships five water deities including "Dayu, Wuyuan, Quyuan, Siangyu and Luban", obviously a temple concerning fishermen's safety out there on the sea. It was refurbished twice in Ch'ing Dynasty until 1900, when it was refurbished into a commercial trading location by the Japanese.


In 1929, Shueisian Temple was again refurbished, and the reconstruction team took care to preserve its architectural style, at the same time using local materials such as basalt and coral reefs to add a touch of Jyudao to it.


  • Ceremony:October 10th in Chinese Calendar
  • Opening Hours:AM06:00-20:00
  • Address:No.9, Ln. 6, Jhongshan Rd., Jhongyang Vil.,Magong City