Snorkeling Trip at Cimei Wangan(Stay Overnight in Cimei)

Snorkeling Trip at Cimei Wangan
(Stay Overnight in Cimei)

Snorkeling Trip at Cimei Wangan

First day: Third Fishing Port ➜ Cimei Nanhu Port ➜ Seven Beauties Tomb ➜ Dawan ➜ Cimei Lighthouse ➜ Waiting Husband Reef ➜ Great Stone-lion Recreational Area ➜ Longcheng ➜ Branch Road ➜ Little Taiwan ➜ Golden Dragon Pagoda ➜ Tour around Twin Hearts Stone Weir ➜ Snorkeling at Yueli Bay ➜ Enjoy Sunset at the West Coast ➜ Stargazing

Second day: Watch Sunrise at Twin Hearts Stone Weir ➜ Northeast Coast Basalts ➜ Wu Fu Temple ➜ Nanyu Castle ➜ Nanhu Port ➜ Wangan Tanmen Port ➜ Wangan Green Turtle Tourism and Conservation Center ➜ Yuanyang Hole ➜ Tiantai Hill (footprint of Lu Donh-Bin) ➜ Jhongshe Historical House ➜ Wangankou Beach

Stay at Cimei for the night and receive a profound experience on the tales of the Seven Beauties Tomb, the sight of the columnar basalts next to Dawan fishing ground. While waves splash on the sea-eroded platforms of Longcheng and Little Taiwan is also quite spectacular. Walk down the stairs to experience the beauty of the enormous Twin Hearts Stone Weir and the joy of snorkeling at Yueli Bay.


Since tourists often complain about not being close to Mother Nature or having limited time at Cimei, so why not stay there for the night? The quiet fishing village, the sunset in front of the Wu Fu Temple, the stars in the evening sky, the amazing sunrise at Twin Hearts Stone Weir are all unforgettable elements of Cimei. The next day, board the boat heading to the offshore island of Wangan. Wangan, an islet surrounded by clean white beach is the place where sea turtles to lay eggs every year. The Green Turtle Tourism and Conservation Center next to Tanmen Port introduces the ecological life of green turtles and migratory birds arriving Penghu every summer. In addition, the fine traditional architecture of Jhongshe Historical House, the attractive crescent-moon shape Wangankou Beach or the broad view and footprint of an immortal at Tiantai Hill are known as exclusive sceneries of the island.


  • Food Recommendations: Rice Dumplings/Chiu Chow Noodles /Lithops Ice/Dried Squids/Popcorn balls.
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