Lure moray eel – Hushi Township

Lure moray eel – Hushi Township

North of Shagang in Hushi Township has one of the best waters with shallow coral ground grown in Penghu, with shallow coral ground extending over five kilometers, living an abundant variety of coral reef ecosystem, and the special fishery event here is "luring moray eel". The moray eel has a round and long body, covered thick skin with pigment cells all over; there are brightly-colored, mono-colored, mesh-patterned, and spotted skins, one look, and you can tell it is one of the toughest characters under the sea.


It is one of the ferocious carnivorous fishes among coral fishes, its sharp teeth deadly, once it bites into a prey, it will never let go; often causing injury to fishermen working in intertidal zones. However, local fishermen made use of the nature and ways of the moray eel, and developed a unique capturing method. Moray eels are nocturnal animals, usually hiding their long body inside coral reef caves during the day, revealing only their heads. Moray eels have sharp teeth, but bad eyesight; hence the high success rate for fishermen's luring activities.


  • Equipment:
  1. A testing rod with bait attached
  2. A short stick with a hook
  3. A wooden stick to give it one lethal stroke
  • Time: Every March to August, during big tide ebb is the best time to “lure moray eel”.
  • Description:First, chop up the baits, tie it to one end of the long testing rod, reach deep into resting caves moray eels might be hiding in, thus begin the first step to the luring. Once you feel the bait had been bitten and held on to, quickly pull out the testing rod and dangle the short stick with a hook and the same bait near the cave opening, wait for the moray eel to take a bite, then quickly pull the moray eel out of the cave and give it a lethal stroke; to avoid being counter-struck by the moray ee
  • Transportation: Leave Magong City, take No. 202 Line until you reach Dongwei, turn left and head north on No. 203 Line, pass Syu Village, look for road signs when passing crossroads, head for "Dingwan", continue north, and you will reach Shagang.