Lure Squids and Feed Cobia

Caiyuan Ocean Farm

The net cage culture technique along the coast in Caiyuan has successfully bred cobia, grouper and squid. "Net cage" is a cubical or circular net placed under water near the coast, where fries could grow in the ocean; it is the most highly advanced fishery culture technique so far.


So far, Caiyuan eco-park and culture fishery has combined leisure tourism fishery, with tourism floating balconies operated by local culture fishermen, and cobia culture zone and squid zone separately in place. Tourists can take a bamboo raft to reach the culture balcony, and experience net cage culture feeding out on the sea.


Owners planned interesting fishing activities, where baits were attached to fishing rods without hooks, hand-held and lowered to lure cobias, the idea is not to hook it up but to experience the tug of war fun with cobias. When "luring squids", the squid will swim over and suck hard onto the bait with its tentacles, if you suddenly pull it up forcefully, the squid will squirt ink at tourists who tease them as revenge; the sea is filled with laughter, adults and children all have fun, but be careful not to be squirted by ink!