Stepping on Waves and Parting the Sea at Huxi Township

Stepping on Waves and Parting the Sea at Huxi Township

Stepping on Waves and Parting the Sea at Huxi Town

Sunrise at Guoye ➜ Stepping on Waves from Beiliao Kueibishan to Chiyu (if the tide cooperates) ➜ Nanliao Village ➜ Aimen Beach Water Activities ➜ Lintou Park ➜ Return

At Huxi Township, situated on the east side of Penghu, you will find watching the sunset at Guoye village is as beautiful as the one seen at Siyu. The latest popular sightseeing spot-- Beiliao Kueibishan-- was actually mentioned in one of the poems from the Qing dynasty that describes eight renowned views of Penghu. Kueibishan or so-called "Turtle Wall Mountain" received the title from the large amount of turtles living there. A dike ran across the sea-eroded platform on the east side. When ebb-tides occur between the east coastal part of Kueibishan and the uninhabited small island called Chiyu, an S-shaped gravel path with an estimation of 300 meters long will appear. The bottom layer of this path is built on volcanic agglomerate and tuff. While this path’s texture is much tougher than that of coral reef, it is a typical land-tied island. As a geology park in Penghu, it has rich geological landscapes and tourists should enjoy and just be aware of the tides.


The versatile coastal landscape of Penghu has nurtured a very diverse and fascinating world of marine life. Vast coral reefs in the Penghu sea area are considered the most important resource for organisms. The coral reef bed that is formed of stony corals became a resting place for many types of organisms including fishes, shrimps, and shells. This rich ecological system not only is an essential element for attracting tourists to visit Penghu, but not destroying the environment is also what a good tourist should do.


Next to Beiliao community is Nanliao community, a very successful community that restored fish cooking kilns back in the days. Also, villagers use recycling to decorate every corner of the village to bring back the nostalgic feeling. Be sure to visit here when you travel to Beiliao.


Visiting Penghu without taking a romantic walk along the beach would feel like missing something. From Jianshan village to Aimen village, the golden beach lasts 3000 meters long; while Lintou Park filled with green surroundings is perfect for walks and Aimen beach, which is next to the Park, is a great place for water activities!


[Dike] or dyke is formed as magma solidifies to become nearly vertical-shaped sheets that intrude into the cracks of surrounding rocks. Besides the dikes between Kueibishan and Chiyu which can be easily observed, there appears to be different components of dikes to see on the east coast of Houliao Chikan, the sea-erosion platform of Xixi to Cheng Kung bay, and places like Shanshuei or Sougang.


[Tidal Flats] dominated by the tidal waters that enter and leave, this habitat is situated in a sensitive area between ocean and land. The environment of the area changes drastically, being sometimes dry or wet, while at times high or low in temperature and salinity, which led the ocean to create infinite vitality.


  • Food Recommendations: Coffee/Fried Jujube. 
  • Motorcycle Tour Estimation 3-5 hours.