Goddess Temple

Goddess Temple

The Goddess Temple has been listed as National Grade Three Historic Site and the sailboard activities in the nearby waters are also very famous; in addition to engaging in water activities, tourists also come here to watch the beautiful sunset in the distance, it is one of the eight most renowned views in Penghu, the "Siyu Sunset".


The Goddess Temple was built in 1696, and as renowned as the Mazu Temple, it is the oldest Buddhist temple in Penghu. Every June, the most important festival for the Goddess Temple is the Buddha's Birthday, when there will be a large Bodhisattva cruise around the island event, sharing the joy of Buddha's Birthday with local residents, and passing the blessing to everyone. Even to this day, the Goddess Temple is still an important source of faith for locals.


  • Address:No.7, Jieshou Rd., Magong City, Penghu County