Water Activities at Cimei Wangankou Beach

Water Activities at Cimei Wangankou Beach(Stay Overnight in Wangan) About One and A Half Day Trip

Water Activities at Qi mei Wangankou Beach(Stay Overnight in Wangan) About One and A Half Day Trip

First day: Third Fishing Port ➜ Cimei Nanhu Port ➜ Seven Beauties Tomb➜ Cimei Lighthouse➜ Waiting Husband Reef ➜ Great Stone-lion Recreational Area➜ Longcheng➜ Little Taiwan➜ Twin Hearts Stone Weir➜ Nanhu Port➜ Wangan Tanmen Port➜ Wangan Green Turtle Tourism and Conservation Center➜ Yuanyang Hole➜ Tiantai Hill (footprint of Lu Donh-Bin)➜ Jhongshe Historical House➜ Water Activity and Trawling at Wangankou Beach ➜ Enjoy Sunset at Xidongwei➜ Stargazing at Tiantai Hill

Second Day: Wangan Tanmen Port ➜ Magong

Those that enjoy the quiet life on the island and being surrounded by the romantic beaches are welcome to stay the night in Wangan.


Before arriving at Wangan, don’t forget to first visit Cimei to experience and see various spectacular basalts of clear lines. The romantic Twin Hearts Stone Weir is couple’s favorite. After touring Cimei and heading to Wangan, the island’s clean and crescent-shape beach has won the hearts of many tourists, despite not being able to stay longer and closer to the natural surroundings.


Staying at Wangan, don’t forget that green turtles come to lay eggs ashore from the month of May to October. There are 6 locations on the beach listed as reserved area for green turtles to lay eggs and entering are prohibited at night. Slowly walk through to experience the fine traditional architectural style of Fujian village at Jhongshe. Also, the most ancient rock formation of basalt in Penghu is under Tiantai Hill (this path is dangerous and difficult to walk, please be careful) are the exclusive reward for tourists that pay attention to details. The luring sunset of Xidongwei and the evening sky filled with stars to see at Tiantai Hill, Wangan is the perfect place for relaxation.


  • Food Recommendations: Popcorn balls/Rice Dumplings/Chiu Chow Noodles /Lithops Ice/Dried Squids.