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Dayi Temple

Dayi Temple

Dayi Temple worships Guan Yu. The Chuwan Village has always had many legends regarding Guan Yu making its presence, so residents started to respect him. During the Sino-French War, the French army attacked Jyudao fiercely, and legend has it that Guan Yu made its presence, and kicked the cannon away to protect people in the Chuwan area, and led the Chuwan Village safely through the war unharmed.

furthermore, there is another world in the basement of Dayi Temple, which is a large undersea temple built of big coral rocks, housing precious whale bone and specimens of various fishes and shells. There is also a pond inside, where over 10 sea turtles reside happily, and where tourists never miss when they come here.


Address No.76, Jhuwan Vil., Siyu Township