Gongbei Fort

Gongbei Fort is one of the nine new-style forts built by Liu Mingchuan in 1886, and also the only fort built on inland, hence, possessing even more historical value, it was occupied by the Japanese army after 1895 Sino-Japanese War, and now an important military site. Gongbei Fort is situated on the Gongbei Hill northeast of Magong City, an important fort watching the back of Magong Port. After the Japanese army landed, this was their main occupying target, two Japanese soldiers were killed and seventeen injured during the fort-defending war, making this a battle that was almost intense among the war Japanese army fought in Penghu. After the Gongbei Fort was taken down, the Japanese army charged right in and occupied Magong City.


The current fort is the large-scale standard fort left behind from the Japanese colony, it is fully equipped, finely built, and most important of all, it leaves behind an observatory. Penghu currently houses Dutch, end-of-Ch'ing Dynasty and modern forts, but this is the only complete Japanese fort left behind. Situated high above the Gongbei Hill, tallest in Penghu, it is an important fort used to cover Magong Port. It is now a military restricted area; not open to public.

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