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Four Islands of South Sea Lazybone Package

Four Islands of South Sea Lazybone Package

 Four Islands of South Sea Lazybone Package

Jhongtun Wind Power Area-> Penghu Aquarium-> Houliao Weiling Temple-> Tongliang-> Penghu Great Bridge-> Siaomen Geology Gallery (Whale Cave)-> Chixi Rock Waterfall-> Male and Female Pagoda-> Neian Beach-> Yuwongdao Lighthouse-> Xiyu West Fort-> Xiyu East Fort Military Historic Park-> Mount Niusin-> Daguoye-> Erkan-> Along the Coastal Highway-> Chuwan-> Return


The South Sea Visitor Center located in the Third Fishing Port is an important harbor for tourists to travel to the South Sea islets. Due to the spectacular columnar basalts at Tongpanyu, it has long been referred to as the “Yellowstone Park of Penghu” and is now a geology park as well. Hujingyu is divided into East and West Mountain. The East Mountain is a restricted military area and not open to the public.

All scenic spots are located at the West Mountain. The Tropic of Cancer runs through the south tip of Hujingyu and the tenth landmark that says “Stairway to Happiness is next to Hujingyu” is situated here. An observation post during Japanese rule stands at the top of the west mountain, while a Guanyin statue built by those accomplished overseas stood to protect this courageous and happy islet. The Green Turtle Tourism and Conservation Center next to Tanmen Port introduces the ecological life of green turtles and migratory birds arriving Penghu every summer.

The broad view at Tiantai Hill, the fine traditional architecture of Jhongshe Historical House, the attractive crescent-moon shape Wangankou Beach are great sightseeing spots not to be missed. Qi mei is a beautiful and spiritual islet filled with the magnificent basalts of clear lines. Besides this, Dragon Sea-eroded Platform and Little Taiwan are also spectacular views to visit. While Twin Hearts Stone Weir is the romantic ‘must-visit’ location for lovers.

● Food Recommendations: Fish Soup/Cactus Ice/Popcorn Balls/Lithops Ice/Rice Dumpling