Baisha, Xiyu Survival Game Battle Tour

Baisha, Xiyu Survival Game Battle Tour

Baisha, Siyu Survival Game Battle Tour

Jhongtun Wind Power Area ➜ Penghu Aquarium ➜ Houliao Weiling Temple ➜ Tongliang ➜ Penghu Great Bridge ➜ Siaomen Geology Gallery (Whale Cave) ➜ Chixi Rock Waterfall ➜ Male and Female Pagoda ➜ Neian Beach ➜ Yuwengdao Lighthouse ➜ Xiyu West Fort ➜ Xiyu East Fort Military Historic Park ➜ Mount Niusin ➜ Daguoye ➜ Erkan ➜ Along the Coastal Highway ➜ Chuwan ➜ Return

This route is called by tourists as the “north perimeter”. Take county highway 203 and drive north, you will encounter famous scenic spots like Jhongtun Wind Power Area and then return from Yuwengdao Lighthouse. Penghu Aquarium is the first to aquarium to be established in Taiwan, with the rich ecological life of the Penghu sea area showcased inside the building.

Houliao Weiling Temple has the largest stone engraving to drive away evil spirits; while Tongliang Great Banyan offers vast green shades for tourists to take a rest; the ocean currents underneath the Penghu Great Bridge between Baisha and Xiyu best depict the scenery of Penghu. Places adored by landscape enthusiasts are Xiaomen Islet, Chixi Rock Waterfall, Daguoye Columnar Basalt; (For those who enjoy photography: best pictures taken of Daguoye Columnar Basalt are in the mornings, Chixi Rock Waterfall in the afternoon and do be careful of the tides!) Erkan Historical House is the first traditional village reserve in Taiwan that uses Penghu’s stones as materials to build Fujian-style households with a combination of black and white stone. Even the culture and every-day life of Penghu is preserved here.

Life in Penghu is deeply associated with religion and enhanced with items to ward off evil spirits. Like the wall that blocks the unclean aura between the male and female pagoda at Neian Village, this symbolizes protecting their homes together hand in hand. Due to concerns of national defense back in the day, Xiyu West Fort and East Fort Military Historic Park was established. The Park not only is open for exhibitions but also hosts an international survival game competition that makes this an exciting route to travel!

[Survival Game] A modern game activity originated from the West to everywhere in the world. This is a simulated war battle activity, which despite different rules, mainly uses regulated non-lethal shooting weapons like air guns to target the enemy within range.


  • Food Recommendations: Pillow Crackers/Fried Rice Cake/Squid Noodles/Cactus Ice/Spicy Wine-Soaked Sea Snails/Penghu Peanut/Almond Tea/Peanut Rice Cake/Seaweed.