East Sea Cruise, Step Waves, and Have Fun at Tidal

East Sea Cruise, Step Waves, and Have Fun at Tidal Flats

East Sea Cruise, Step Waves, and Have Fun at Tidal

Set out at Chitou Harbor ➜ Columnar Basalt Nature Reserve ➜ Tidal Flats Experience at Niaoyu and Yuanbei ( e.g. Baodun, Step Waves and Pick Snails) ➜ Deep Sea Fishing ➜ Water Activities and Bird-Watching at Pengpeng Beach (The order of this tour route may alter according to the tides)

In 1992, the government announced that Xiaobaishayu of Baisha Township, Jishanyu, and Dinggoyu of Huxi Township would be known as the “Penghu Columnar Basalt Nature Reserve”. Board the boat to view the spectacular columnar basalt, see women in the fishing village dry fish, pick snails, or pick up shells and snails at tidal flats, as well as fishermen arranging their fishing gear nearby. This package would allow you to experience the relaxation and nature of living in a fishing village and taste the freshness of seafood.

Please wear rubber shoes or slip resistant shoes to avoid injury when doing activities at tidal flats. Also, do be careful of your own safety as some ocean animals may be poisonous. Other than that, this package seeks to mainly let you experience and enjoy. At last, please do not catch any of these ocean animals. Tourists need to get to know more about the world of marine life and treasure this resource as well as take action in protecting this beautiful island.

[Baodun] is one of Penghu’s traditional fishing method that uses rocks to build stone weirs called “dun” at tidal flats. Since fish tend to rest near shallow reef areas, so when the tide rises, fishes will swim and rest inside the weirs; while the ebb tides allow fishes to swim towards the tidal flats. Baodun is practiced by first circling the stone weirs with nets and then disassembling the stone weirs to catch all the fishes inside the net.

[Tidal Flats Activities] Huge area of tidal flats will appear during ebb tides in Penghu sea area. On the tidal flats, you will see including corals, sea urchins, starfishes, sea cucumbers, rock oysters, shells and little fishes. People of Penghu have made their living through economic activities such as picking up turban snails, catching fish or crabs at the vast tidal flats to make money. These activities became many families main income back in the day. As tourists step on waves in the tidal flats, get to know various types of ocean animals, you can also pick snails or open up rock oysters to have a taste of fresh seafood.

  • Food Recommendations: BBQ Oysters/Seafood Congee/Squid Noodles/Fish Soup/Turban Snails/Dried Fish/Sea Urchin. (Season Limited) 
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