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Taxi Information

Taxis in Penghu charge by meter. The fare from the airport to Magong city is around NT$300-$350. Call taxi from Taxi Company in advance. Half-day (about 6 hours) around the island charges about NT$2500. Penghu Taxi Guild: 886+69276742.

Below is the legal taxi companies list:

Rental companies

Company name Tel. No. Address
Guangjhih Car Hire Co. Ltd. 06-9277359 No. 2-10 Shueiyuan Rd., Magong City, Pendhu County
Penghu Taxis 06-9272013 No. 6, Lane 49 Minsheng Rd., Changan Village, Magong City
Yilong Taxis 06-9272955 No. 72 Jhongshan Rd., Changan Village, Magong City
Haima Taxis 06-9272705 No. 16 Jianguo Rd., Chongcing Village, Magong City
Lianhe Taxis 06-9277277 No. 55 Jhongsing Rd., Magong City
Lianhong Taxis 06-9218899 No. 50 Singren Village, Magong City
Magong Taxis 06-9264430 1F, No. 13-3 Siaomen Village, Siyu Township
Yuandong Taxis 06-9931511 No. 155 Jiangmei Village, Magong City
Diwang Taxis 06-9272131 No. 54 Jianguo Rd., Chongcing Village, Magong City
Huawang Taxis 06-9261260 No. 89 Houliao Village, Baisha Township
Nyuwang Taxis 06-9275555 No. 34 Sanmin Rd., Guangfu Village, Magong City
Pengnan Taxis 06-9264825 No. 18-20 Suogang Village, Magong City
737 Taxis 06-9278707 No. 171-1 Siwei Village, Magong City
Dameng Taxis 06-9214497 No. 122 Singren Village, Magong City
Yongfu Taxis 06-9213996 1F, No. 168 Dongwei Village, Magong City
Dayou Taxis 06-9271234 No. 34 Jhongsing Rd., Chongcing Village, Magong City
Haohua Taxis 06-9216012 7F, No. 83 Wunshan Rd., Dongwun Village, Magong City
Shengli Taxis 06-9982304 No. 115-1 Sinsheng Rd., Guangfu Village, Magong City
Chaoyang Taxis 06-9983336 No. 181 Chihdong Village, Siyu Township
Baisha Taxis 06-9931948 No. 356-4 Chihkan Village, Baisha Township
Siyu Taxis 06-9982667 No. 24 Dachih Village, Siyu Township
Huajhong Taxis 06-9272625 No. 11 Sincun Rd., Guangfu Village, Magong City
Siejin Taxis 06-9272173 No. 103 Chaoyang Rd., Chaoyang Village, Magong City