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Car Rental Information

Car & motorcycle & bicycle rental is available in downtown Magong. However, since many junctions in the city center can be problematic for unfamiliar drivers and riders, please be advised to drive and ride with great care. Car rental companies also offer driver-hiring services for tourists. The actual rates for hire depend on on-site bulletin notice. Please contact local car & motorcycle rental companies before departing to confirm cost and budget. The information listed here is for reference only.

How to pay

Types of Vehicles Estimated costs Note
Mini van
(seats 9, driver incl.)
Around the island tour/Approx. 3,500NT
1/2 way around the island tour /Approx. 2,500NT
1. Whole day:24 hrs
2.1/2 day:6hrs
3.Overtime charge by the hour
4.Driver’s license required
Mini van
(seats 9)
Daily rental charge around 2,200NT and more

1.250cc motorcycle:1 day for about 350-400NT, 1/2 day for 200-250NT
2.250cc-below Motorcycle:1 day for about 250-300NT, 1/2 day for 150-200NT

automobile Daily rental charge around 1,200NT and more
Bicycle 1 day for about 200-300NT

Rental companies

Company name Tel. No. Address Websites
Guolong Car Rental 06-9271555 No. 39 Jhongsing Rd., Magong City  
Shangjheng Car Rental 06-9274447 No. 36 Linhai Rd., Magong City  
Xinda Car Rental 06-9274470 No. 42 Minzu Rd., Magong City  
Jhongsing Motorcycle Accessories and Gear 06-9276578 No. 47 Sinsheng Rd., Magong City  
Louhe Car Rental 06-9262102 No. 2 Minfu Rd., Magong City  
Bomin Car Rental 06-9261669 No. 60 Renai Rd., Magong City
Taixin Car Rental 06-9268677 1F., No.22, Qiming St., Magong City  
FusingCar Rental& Tour 06-9276541 No. 73-2 Renai Rd., Magong City  
Jyushang Car Rental 06-9261162 No. 69 Jhongsing Rd., Magong City  
Feilong Car Rental 06-9261000 No.79 Jhongjheng Rd., Magong City  
Chengfa Car Rental 06-9275368 No.1 Jhongjheng Rd., Magong City  
Jiaowang Car Rental 06-9275619 No.73 Jhongshan Rd., Magong City  
Andeli Motorcycle Rental 06-9277184 No. 18 Sincun Rd., Magong City  
Minsheng Car Rental 06-9277569 No. 54-1 Jhonghua Rd., Magong City  
Dacang Car Rental 06-9273582 No. 61 Jhongshan Rd., Magong City  
Feilong Motorcycle Rental 06-9261000 No.9 Jhongjheng Rd., Magong City  
Shengli Car Rental 06-9261251 1F, No.7 Jhongjheng Rd., Magong City  
Yongsin Car Rental 06-9268353 No. 53-1 Haipu Rd., Magong City  
Yongsiang Car Rental 06-9276313 No. 42-1 Jianguo Rd., Magong City  
Risheng Car Rental 06-9221277 No. 12 Jhongsing Rd., Magong City  
DajinCar Rental 06-9261585 No. 40 Minfu Rd., Magong City  
Guanglun Car Rental 06-9263115 No. 57-1 Jhonghua Rd., Magong City  
168 Car Rental 06-9270288 No. 30 Minzu Rd., Magong City
Jilin Car Rental 06-9279690 No. 43 Guangming Rd., Magong City  
Dajian Car Rental 06-9272205 No.1, Ren’ai Rd., Magong City  
Hengan Car Rental 06-9276838 No.51, Guangming Rd., Magong City  
Dachuan Car Rental 06-9291006 No.75, Hujing, Magong City  
Tianwangxing Car Rental 06-9263344 No.79, Zhongzheng Rd., Magong City  
Yongshun Car Rental 06-9276302 No.42-1, Jianguo Rd., Magong City  
Xinjuheng Car Rental 06-9277489 No.5, Shude Rd., Magong City  
Yuhuang Car Rental 06-9215733 No.30-2, Qianliao, Magong City  
Dasing Car Rental 06-9261193 No. 34 Jhongsing Rd., Magong City  
Caiyuan Car Rental 06-9911157 No.7, Jibei, Baisha Township  
Risheng Car Rental 06-9228588 No.118-10, Aimen, Huxi Township  
Deqi Car Rental 06-9971232 No.8, Nanhu, Qi mei Township  
Xiaoma Car Rental 06-9277488 No. 60 Renai Rd., Magong City Aishagluneng Car Rental  
Isgreen Car Rental 06-9272925 No.134-1, Sanduo Rd., Magong City  
Kai Yao Bicycle Rental  06-9212525

No.101-128, Xiwen’ao, Magong City

Xin Sai Fong Bicycle Rental ( Giant chain store) 06-9275769 No.33-29, Guangfu Rd., Magong City