Yuanyang Hole, Jiangjyun Cave

“Mandarin ducks dabbling water — Yuanyang Hole” is situated northeast of Wang an Island and it is a naturally formed valley. Legend has it that in the early days there were many water holes here, and mandarin ducks used to dabble with water and rest here.  So because of that it was named “Yuan yang (mandarin duck in Chinese) Hole”. The sea has a Maanshanyu as a barrier; therefore, it was made into an important Navy base by the Japanese army during the Japanese colony.  “Cangjyun Cave” is a historical remain in this area, in 1994, the Japanese army labored the residents on Wang an and Jiangjyun islands, and dug this cave to store gun power and weapons. It was also to be used as a bomb shelter for residents to hide from air raids. Just before it was to be completed, Japan declared unconditional surrender, and the base was abandoned. Many caves have long collapsed, but some remains can still be seen.

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