Lintou Park

The beach in front of Lintou Park stretches across four villages, including Jianshan, Wuni, Lintou, and Aimen. Rounding to a total of over 3000m, it is the longest beach in entire Penghu, and surrounding the south coast of Hushi Township, presenting a spectacular view. The sand on the beach is thin and smooth, the water is clear and clean, it is a beautiful “white coral fragment sand beach”.

Originally unframed, adding to the fact that it is next to the No. 9 public cemetery, people could not wait to get away from it. With the help of the Northeast monsoon, the sand here was swept away and the beach was gradually disappearing. However, starting from 1998, “Li Tianyu”, head of the Aimen Village, started reforming the community beach himself with the help of his son. They were putting up street lamps and nets to stop the sand from disappearing. Their effort finally won the attention of the county government and Penghu National Scenic Center, and listed budgets to reconstruct Aimen beach. Finally making this place a beautiful beach that tourists loved.

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Head out of Magong City following No. 204 Line, turn right at the small road behind Fonghuang Temple in Lintou Village and you are there. 

Last updated date:2017-12-21

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  • 119.64256, 23.55866
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