Tiantai Hill

Tiantai Hill is situated on Wang an Island. Gangciou Grassland is the highest place on Tiantai Hill, and nearby is the place for the famous Penghu aragonite. The surrounding grassland is flat with occasional cattle or goats trotting by and forming a naturally beautiful scene. Tiantai Hill has become the best place to watch Wang an Island and Huayu from a distance.

Tiantai Hill is a piece of Micro-gabbro rock with sheeting joints. There is a magnificent basalt landscape beneath the sea cliff on the west side. If you follow the path down to the west coast, then you will see an amazing sea hole up to 30m high. The beauty of Micro-gabbro joint is different to the columnar basalt landscape on Hujig and Tongpan, where the interlacing joints form a beautiful “stone flower”.

Ask at the South Sea Tourist Center for the boat schedule.  You can choose either a public commuting boat, or a private yacht tour. Take the boat from Magong Third Fishing Port, then when you reach Tanmen Port Tiantai Hill will not be far down on the northwest side.

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