Wangankou Beach

Wangankou beach is called the “Dream Beach”. It has soft white sand accompanied by clear blue ocean. Such a beautiful place can only be found in fairy tales! Whenever the tide rises the clean white beach will enter the clear blue ocean. When watched from a distance it looks just like a skirt swaying in the wind. When the night falls the sky above Wangankou will shine a starry sky, and if you are lucky you might even be visited by a meteor.

Wangankou Beach is also a place green turtles migrate back to. Every May to October you can see the cute crawl marks on the beach left behind by the turtles. If you would like to watch green turtles coming ashore, you can apply to the Conservation Section of Penghu County Government Agriculture & Fisheries Bureau. There are 30 openings every day. There will be a professional guide to take you on a guided tour.

Ask at the South Sea Tourist Center for the boat schedule, choose either a public commuting boat, or a private yacht tour. Take the boat from Magong Third Fishing Port, and when you reach Tanmen Port Wangankou Beach is not far down south.

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Last updated date:2017-12-21

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Scenic spot Info

  • Coordinate:
  • 119.50316, 23.35598
  • Tel:
  • 886-6-9991575
  • Open time:
  • All day
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