Jhongshe Historical House

Jhongshe historical house is one of the more well-preserved traditional houses in Penghu County. It was originally named “Flower House” because of the legend that when this village was first established, their ancestors looked at the local terrain, and discovered that the mountains surrounding the place are just like lotus petals. So they first reclaimed the land around “the heart of the flower” (Shanzaiweiding) and built a house. Then they named it “Flower House”, also meaning the house that was built at the heart of the flower. In 1971, the late president Chiang Ching-kuo visited the flower house, and seeing that it sits in the middle of four other villages in Wang an Township, renamed it “Jhongshe” (the village in the middle). The village is filled with ancient houses that are built of coral reefs.

There were originally over 80 sanheyuan (old three-section compound house), and now only about 50 of them are still well-preserved. The architecture style of the historical houses in Jhongshe Village is called “one stamp” style sanheyuan. The main structure should be looked at from the inside to the outside. It is a very special old village.

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