Twin Hearts Stone Weir

Twin Hearts Stone Weir

There are a total of 558 stone weirs in Penghu, and up to 88 of them are distributed around Jibeiyu, ranking first in the world both in terms of number and density. Local ancestors fed generations of offspring toiling away with these stone weir, therefore, Jibeiyu has all the reasons in the world to be called "home of the stone weir". 

Qi meiyu has only one stone weir, but because it is shaped like two hearts, both beautiful and romantic, it is famous for being the "twin hearts stone weir", and had been voted No. 1 beautiful scene in Penghu consecutively. Originally, the twin hearts stone weir was built out of basalt and coral reefs as traditional traps for fishing, however, the catches have gradually decreased nowadays, but the twin hearts design of the stone weir has attracted endless tourists here to visit. 

Twin hearts stone weir is the most well-preserved stone weir in the entire Penghu, if you want to see the twin hearts stone weir, make sure to check the tide ebb time for that day to see the complete twin hearts shaped stone weir. 

Penghu Stone Weir Festival 
Penghu Stone Weir Festival is a very big event for tourism in Penghu, in addition to allowing tourists to experience the special stone weir tour, celebrities are also invented to perform, opening ceremonies are hosted; there is also the stone weir fishing experience, where tourists could enter the weir atrium with the stone weir owner, and net fishes that are trapped inside the stone weir; complete with activities of the Penghu Gourmet Carnival, the resource of stone weir has become the best humanities tourism resource in Penghu, driving the tourism in Penghu.


  1. Boat Schedule: Hyperlink for Shipping website. 
  2. Take the Qi meiyu country road, head north and you will reach Twin Hearts Stone Weir. 

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