Tongliang Great Banyan

n front of the Baoan Temple in Tongliang Village, there is an old Banyan dated over 300 years, it is the oldest and largest tree in Penghu, with a total of 95 aerial feet, circling a square for people to rest under its shadow in front of the temple; if you do not look closely, you can hardly tell that they are all from the same trunk. One legend has it that between 1662 – 1722, a merchant vessel passed the waters around Tongliang when it encountered a shipwreck, and the only thing that survived was a sapling floating on the sea; residents of Tongliang picked it up and planted it in front of the temple; judging by this legend, the Tongliang Great Banyan could possibly be over 300 hundred years old.

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Set out from Magong City, continue down No. 203 Line, pass Dongwei, turn left and continue down the road, pass Jhongjheng and Yongan Bridge, and you are in Baisha Township, 15 – 20mins later, you will reach the Great Bridge, continue straight down until you reach Tongliang Village, and you are there. 
Address: Tongliang Village, Baisha Township, Penghu County
Contact Information: Baisha Townshi

Last updated date:2018-05-17

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